Barbara Estate

About the Estate:

Baarbara Estate is run by the third generation of seasoned Chikmagalur coffee cultivators from the Indavra family that owns MG Plantations. The family has cultivated coffee for over 120 years and is deeply committed to sustainability with certifications by UTZ and the Rain Forest Alliance. 

The Arabica coffee from Baarbara Estate is shade-grown on the high elevated hills of the Western Ghats. Apart from growing coffee, the estate also produces black pepper. Baarbara Estate has organised farming methods in place to maintain the quality of soil and to ensure the balance of the ecosystem. The estate sees periodic visits from tigers, wild boars, barking deer and frequent sightings of more than 100 different species of birds! 


Green Coffee from the Estate:

Baarbara coffee is keen and a pioneer in producing fine quality green coffee beans to buyers and roasters alike. The altitude from which their green coffee is ethically harvested provides a wide bracket for procurers and retail chains to produce a great quality coffee. The processes involved in providing farm-fresh produce to your hands are of the utmost importance to their brand and all the necessary care is taken to maintain and restore the moisture content, acidity and goodness of each green bean.

The selective picking of the shade-grown coffee cherries gives them the perfect background for obtaining their best green beans which adhere to all the quality parameters. Baarbara Coffee is diligent in processing the cherries that uphold their brand values of integrity by providing the finest green coffee beans treated with pristine stream water and dried under ideal conditions. Green coffee from their dense plantations caters to the demands and variants from roasters and buyers all over. The geography and the people who work in their plantations make for the best of the green coffee that they produce. Coffee buyers and brewers can approach Baarbara coffee for the wide array of graded coffee beans to suit their blending requirements. You can buy their coffee here.



About Baarbara Berry:

Baarbara Berry procures its finest, single-origin, AA grade coffee from the family-owned MG Plantations. Baarbara berry coffee is a concept in a mug that allows your palettes to captivate an exquisite taste for coffee. The coffee brewed from Baarbara berry is not just a drink but is a lifestyle that presents to you an enticing experience. This brand is born out of the passion to offer a product and a service that is hands-on, good quality, full-flavoured, and roasted to appeal to your tasting palettes. It is economical and obtainable to its wide range of consumers. Thus, Baarbara Berry has made every effort in the most natural sense to bring all of this to the everyday cup, in the form of purest coffee to transform your senses to that of over joy. 


A walk through the Baarbara Estate Camp:

Situated at an altitude of 4250ft at Baarbara estate camp, every guest is treated to the serene and mystical elements that the plantation has to offer. The camp is on a plantation with a rich heritage and coffee lineage that dates back to 1896.

Guests enjoy the beautiful existential nature and the wilderness that the camp has to offer with the abundant flora and fauna which is a visual treat to the eyes. Being amidst the plantation the camp has a way of indulging its guests as a part of the coffee process along with a feel of the property. With the best of staying experiences and exotic food, the camp offers its very own Baarbara coffee that is handpicked, pulped and roasted in its estates to enrich your stay.

Other Details:

Harvest Season
December to March 
BBG Range, Chikmagalur
Elevation Range
5000 ft
Soil Type
Red soil
Pepper and Wild Fruit Trees
Species Grown
Varietals Grown
SLN 795


Buy their coffee here.