About Us


Seven Degree Coffee is born out of the passion and love that we share for coffee. We have a morning tradition of roasting and brewing our coffee at home. With Seven Degree Coffee, we want to share the joy of freshly roasted coffee with you and elevate your coffee experience at home. 

- Mansi & Mani

Why the name Seven Degree?

The name Seven Degree stands for the seven main factors that influence the taste of coffee -

  • Variety of coffee
  • Region or terroir the beans are grown in
  • Practices followed at the farm
  • Processing of coffee cherry
  • Roasting of the bean
  • Blended or single-origin coffee 
  • Brewing technique

We at Seven Degree are giving you control over all the variables so you may brew your coffee as you enjoy the best

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Contact Us: 

Telephone: +91 9999 511 522

Email: mani@sevendegree.coffee

Address: 3332, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon - 122002